Who are we? What do we do?

Caption Data manufacture remote monitoring solutions for a variety of different applications; we are proud to work in the structural and environmental industries as well as working with a range of various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop on-board and embedded systems.

We specialise in providing our customers with online and real time data from sites, structures, equipment and other applications

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The RDL//Vibe for low frequency vibration monitoring applications

Low frequency vibration monitoring with RDLVibe

Many applications of vibration monitoring equipment require low frequencies to fully understand the effects of vibration on properties and structures, from nearby disturbances. Typical Geophones and vibration monitoring systems measure Peak Particle Velocity with a frequency range from 4.5 Hz to 100 Hz. This can result in underestimated and inaccurate low frequency vibration recordings of [...]

This month we say goodbye to Claire Bull

This month we say goodbye to Claire Bull

8 years ago Claire Bull finished her interview for the role of Office Manager with our Sales Director Paul Sanders. Two hours after the interview, Claire was still waiting around outside the office, then in Shrub Hill, Worcester. Paul was going to employ her on the spot for her persistence but realised she had locked [...]

Caption Data talks at IoT Midlands

Caption Data talks at IoT Midlands about The M2M Nervous System at WMG

Caption Data was pleased to attend IoT Midlands Meetup #6, with our Technical Director Paul Sanders who presented to the group on ‘The m2m nervous system: building a GSM-based solution’. Organised and hosted by WMG, the event is held at the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) at the University of Warwick and [...]

RDL//1000 long range wireless sensor systems for both Environmental and Structural monitoring

RDL1000 with one sensor small

The RDL//1000 long range wireless sensor system has seen action in many different applications – from monitoring Temperature and Humidity in Dutch power station renovations, to monitoring a host of environmental parameters at the 900 year old Westminster Hall – part of The Houses of Parliament in London. It also has a suite of Structural Monitoring [...]

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