Stay connected with your remote assets

Compressors, chillers, generators, UPS’s, machinery among other ‘things’ can be a critical lifeline to any business – if things go wrong with the equipment you need to know right away to take corrective action. Staying connected with your remote assets has never been easier Web enable your assets with the RDL//nano system and monitor up to ten measurements […]

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Web enable OEM machinery without a LAN – Eureka!

Caption Data continue to leverage on our experience working with a range of machinery control systems, and grow our portfolio of products offering a rapid, cost effective Web enabling capability. We truly understand the frustrations With mounting experience in the sector we truly understand the frustrations associated with wanting to retrieve valuable ‘field based’ information from […]

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Reducing your carbon footprint with remote monitoring

Climate Wise is a world wide insurance initiative with six core principles:- Lead in risk analysis Inform public policy making Support climate awareness amongst our customers Incorporate climate change into our investment strategies Reduce the environmental impact of our business Report and be accountable An introduction video can be seen above The HygroNet remote monitoring […]

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MSR145 data logger now with 5 external sensors

MSR145 data logger: Greater sensor selection, more combination options The new possibility of selecting up to five sensors of the same measurement and affords the user a multitude of new areas of application for the MSR145 mini data logger. Developed by the Swiss technology company MSR Electronics GmbH, the MSR145 can furthermore be equipped with […]

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