How to fit a HygroBug

The award winning HygroBug sensor from Caption Data is growing in popularity and to help users fit the sensor correctly a YouTube video now exists to talk customers through the correct fitting sequence to use a HygroBug in conjunction with a standard HygroNet wireless sensor. When would you use a HygroBug? In very wet/saturated building […]

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MSR Data Loggers for continuous transportation monitoring

To ensure that the products reach the customer undamaged: User report by Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG. The name Kärcher stands for supreme cleaning expertise worldwide. Quality without compromise is the top priority for the international German-based family enterprise – including the shipping of its products. In order to be able to assess transportation […]

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Measuring Aircraft Structural Usage using MSR Dataloggers

During the aircraft design process the designer must make assumptions about how an aircraft is going to be used in order to anticipate the static and fatigue loads the aircraft will be subject to. For military aircraft this will often include experience from previous aircraft types, undertaking similar roles or functions, and anticipated future roles […]

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