Structural monitoring at iconic lighthouse Eddystone

The winter storms early in 2014 were some of the most severe recorded in South West England. Coincidentally, during this period Plymouth University’s School of Marine Science and Engineering have been using vibration monitoring equipment from Caption Data limited, to measure the dynamic structural response of Eddystone Lighthouse’s tower under various stress loads ranging from […]

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Real time vibration monitoring on construction sites

With an ever increasing list of checkboxes, hoops to jump through, safety requirements, and along with a focus on sustainable and socially friendly operations in civil and structural engineering, remote monitoring systems can offer a range of benefits. Remote monitoring systems can offer real time access to data from construction and groundwork activities such as […]

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Finding a value adding proposition in the IoT and M2M maze

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we work as machines objects and even animals become connected. The technology that connects machines to machines (M2M) represents a significant business opportunity for OEMs looking to move their businesses forward. Using a third-party platform to connect machinery, equipment and other “things” to the internet enables […]

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Caption Data talks at IoT Midlands

Caption Data was pleased to attend IoT Midlands Meetup #6, with our Technical Director Paul Sanders who presented to the group on ‘The m2m nervous system: building a GSM-based solution’. Organised and hosted by WMG, the event is held at the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) at the University of Warwick and […]

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