New Remote Monitoring pages that made the cut on our website…

With the New Year ahead, we would like to draw your attention to a range of new content throughout our website. The new content aims to demonstrate the range of industries and applications remote monitoring is supporting. Remote Monitoring Solution Pages Field & Site remote monitoring: For battery powered, robust units that can operate literally […]

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Christmas Opening Times

Firstly, we would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to our Customers, Colleagues, and Friends throughout the world and thank you all for your continued support to date.   Dashboards through the snow While you’re remote monitoring systems near and far will continue sampling and reporting throughout the festive season providing an uninterrupted service – […]

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Saving vital downtime on tamping trains

reposted from August, 2011 Caption Data Limited were approached to provide a remote monitoring solution for one of Balfour Beatty’s tamping trains*. One constant concern for any track maintenance activity is the potential for breakdowns of machinery leading to missing targets, quite often leading to significant penalties. Caption Data Limited were tasked with providing a monitoring […]

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Welcome to the team Nick

As we move toward the start of a new year, we’re pleased to welcome Nick Boocock to the team. Nick joins the team as ‘Technical and Quality Manager’ after a successful career in quality management, electronics and engineering. In his career Nick has worked for a Security Technology Manufacturer and a Forensic Science Company. His […]

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What could you do with the CDLSmartHub?

The range and style of individual uses of the CDLSmartHub are growing fast so its worth sharing these and stimulating more clever applications from our global users base. Application example one One client with 50 RDL1000 remote environmental monitoring systems, monitoring Temperature, Humidity and Wood Moisture Equivalents (WME) throughout Nordic countries has a dashboard with “tiles” […]

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Managing a network of field assets has never been easier

Introducing the NanoULTRA…. With over 30 man years of experience we’ve developed a unique understanding of our customer’s needs, how we can support them and add value within their organisations and their markets.  Since we began delivering end-to-end remote monitoring solutions we have been privileged to support ongoing conservation of the timber roof at Westminster Hall […]

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