Combating covid: embracing smart technology to measure indoor air quality

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Smart Boiler Monitoring and the Role of IoT

Nano ULTRA-Edge

Case Scenario Commercial boiler equipment installed on commercial premises are often critical services and failure of these systems can cause major business disruption. In the instance of a commercially trading business, breakdown of such equipment could resort in substantial loss of income through wasted stock, operational efficiency could be impacted by the displacement of personnel…

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Peracetic acid, its potential harmful effects and the benefits of IoT

Peracetic acid, more commonly known as PAA, is a chemical used widely as a sanitiser across a range of industries such as food and beverage, hospitals, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Against the backdrop of the Covid 19 pandemic, use of sanitizers has increased exponentially, both in a domestic setting and within business environments, and its production…

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Our Latest Application: Water Hygiene

CDL SmartHub

USE CASE We’ve recently acquired a client that had genuine cause to ensure water temperatures at client sites were at the optimum temperatures to avoid the growth of Legionella disease. Legionella bacteria is commonly found in water. The bacteria multiply where temperatures are between 20-45°C and nutrients are available. The bacteria are dormant below 20°C…

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