5 star testimonial from Tristen Preger of ATi

Tristen Preger

Sept 2016

Tristen, ATi, UK Sales Manager said…

I have had the privilege of working with all at Caption Data now for over 5 years. We (ATi) chose to work with Caption Data as they are a very ‘personal’ company to work with (very similar culture of hard work to that at ATi).

Both ATi and Caption Data have grown in size over the past few years. The innovation and constant upgrading to improve systems has been wonderful.

Caption Data take pride in joining in with meetings of the UK water companies to guarantee that their build of website and data capturing is exactly what the end user wants. Changes to technology come quick as the company is a perfect size to prevent any potential conflict of interest from internal and external factors.

ATi are proud to ride the wave of success with Caption Data (with no sign of stopping).

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ATI use the NanoULTRA to deliver telemetry for their instruments, which are supplied to all the main UK water utilities as well as many other companies. A key requirement is low power to run on batteries in difficult locations!

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