ATi Joins Forces with Langham and Caption Data for Better Control of Water Networks

Using NanoULTRA Wireless Data Logger for Controlling of Water Networks

This new partnership has created huge benefits as now flow, pressure AND turbidity can be used to control how much water is used during a mains flush, whilst also measuring water networks quality.

NanoULTRA for Better Control of Water Networks

Since its 2014 launch, the NephNet from ATi has proven to be the industry’s most accurate and reliable portable turbidity monitor. Many water companies have used this new technology to improve their systems, prove the flushing is effective and to speed up the process, which saves money, time, and of course water. CDL have IoT enabled the Nephnet from its creation, with many of ATi’s customers choosing the benefits of online real time data.

The NanoULTRA used with ATi’s NephNets is a battery powered IoT unit capable of working in robust circumstances [and with an IP68 optional enclosure] and with on board intelligence, a range of io’s incuding Modbus, CANbus, instrument grade analogue and digital, and with an integral SD card “flight recorder” it is transformational technology for field based applications like water networks.

Caption Data and ATi partnership is even older, going back to 2008, when CDL started supplying remote monitoring and telemetry units to them. This was before the phrase “the internet of things” had been coined! Nowadays many of ATi water quality instruments including the NephNet are supplied “IoT ready” with CDL units embedded within them for seamless data collection, analysis and secure transmission to the cloud where further analytics provide water utilities with actionable insight to manage their water networks.

NanoULTRA battery powered IOT unit
NanoULTRA battery powered IOT unit
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The NanoULTRA battery powered RTU was used in this application, the system seamlessly creates a link to the CDL SmartHub where data can be viewed and analysed.

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