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MSR Data Loggers

Here at Caption Data we work with clients from all kinds of industries, with products like data loggers being used worldwide, but every now and then even we get an unusual request that has everyone in the office intrigued!

Jude Lane from the Scottish Seabird Centre is carrying out research on Bass Rock. Bass Rock is the largest colony of gannets in the world with 75,000 breeding pairs, so it’s a pretty noisy and smelly place to work! This makes us very happy to be sitting here in our warm cosy office.

Jude called us, looking for a logger that could record air pressure when attached to the tail of a Gannet. As an approved supplier for MSR, we have access to a range of mini data loggers that can be suitable for all sorts of applications, although we wondered if the engineers had ever imagined this for their designs.

The picture shows a Gannet with its GPS and MSR pressure logger just before it took off and went to sea.! They are attached for up to 10 days to see how high and far the Gannet’s are flying during their foraging trips, which take them up to 250km away from the colony before returning with fish for their chicks!

Good luck to Jude and the team! If you are interested in reading more about their research check out their blog below:

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