Bespoke Industrial IoT Solutions; fast!

From initial discussions to 100 Beta products designed, made, tested and installed [in another country] and giving really useful data took less than 10 weeks.

CDL were one of the early movers in Industrial IoT. We specialise in Machinery Management and Built Environment monitoring and control.

Now a well established company with 1000’s of installations in over a dozen countries,  we can leverage our-know how and our in-house teams of engineers.  We move fast to meet customer demands for bespoke solutions.

In this case it needed a new PCB design to create specialised sensors, with LoRa connectivity via our own gateway back to a customised version of our existing CDL SmartHub portal.

How do we do bespoke IoT so fast?

Using our agile methodology, 10 year experience of industrial Internet of Things, and our in house Know-How covering all the elements of the technology stack, we can move fast.

We have many thousands of installed devices across many industries and applications. And a team of in house specialists covering hardware, firmware, software, cloud, applications engineering, as well as project management. So we know we can adapt and develop fast.

CDL SmartHub
CDL SmartHub

The CDL SmartHub is a good example. With massive functionality already existing  [ more here ]  it covers maybe 90% of features required by a new industrial global user. To add some special features for a given application is relatively quick and painless.

Meanwhile with our history of product development, proven partner network, and application experience, then concurrent development is normal. So pcb design and manufacture, firmware, enclosures, CE and FCC approvals, software, server/cloud set ups is all in a days works – or in this case 10 weeks work!

The next stage will  be to finalise all design and specs from these initial product trials.  Then prepare to scale to the many thousands of units that are anticipated from this customer, globally.

To discuss your bespoke Industrial IoT application contact CDL today or via our website or by phone on +44 (0) 1905 754078.

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