Welcoming Hanna to the Team

Join us in welcoming our new team member Hanna to Caption Data. Hanna graduated in 2010 with a BA in Business Management and has since built a career in sales and customer services. Hanna has worked within the Insurance industry for a number of years and will be using her skills and experience here as […]

Damp Social Housing, a Nightmare for Tenants and Landlords!

The Damp “Stats” and Why You Should Read On Nearly 11,000 tenants have claimed compensation for damp, leaks and damage in their council homes. Local authorities in England have paid out more than £35m in compensation and legal fees. The latest local government budget data shows £1.7bn a year earmarked for maintaining and repairing council […]

SHOCKTrail – Monitors Shock and Location of Goods in Transit

Introducing Our New SHOCKTrail Product SHOCKtrail monitors the things you need to know if you are shipping high value, sensitive or complex products- across the country or around the globe. The essential difference between SHOCKTrail and many other datalogger products on the market is that it tells you the instant there is a problem and where […]

5 Star Testimonial from Neal Clarke of Polygon

Neal Clarke, Regional Director of Polygon UK posted this on Google September 2016 ***** Polygon were original users of CDL Hygronet systems, but now use the RDL//1000 system on a worldwide basis, including links to 3D Building Information Model graphical interfaces. The RDL//1000 now offers a Hygrostick compatible sensor.

5 star testimonial from Tristen Preger of ATi

Tristen Preger Sept 2016 ***** Tristen said… ATI use the NanoULTRA to deliver telemetry for their instruments, which are supplied to all the main UK water utilities as well as many other companies. A key requirement is low power to run on batteries in difficult locations! For more information: NanoULTRA web page NanoULTRA data sheet […]

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