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Got Modbus? Get instant IoT too!

As an industrial equipment OEM, with Modbus enabled products, you will want some or all of these tangible benefits our existing clients are already getting to drive their competitive advantage: MANAGE YOUR CLIENT SLA’s RAISE SERVICE LEVELS TO YOUR CLIENTS GET REAL TIME DATA ON YOUR PRODUCT PERFORMANCE SPEED UP COMMISSIONING REDUCE CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS CONTROL…

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Finding an IOT platform as a service [PaaS] that really works!

If you have an asset base that runs into hundreds, thousands or more and you want to connect them to an Industrial IOT platform as a service there are a few key questions you will need answering. For example: Does this platform really work? What’s the evidence? What’s the  installed user base? What sort of…

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New Look CDL!

We’ve been listening! What we’ve heard from our customers is they want better product information, easily accessible, easy to understand and order from. They also told us they value our way of doing things, our agility and our cutting-edge  technology and they wanted the products and the company to look the part of the world…

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Implementing IIoT – Top 5 key qualities to business success!

As technology continues to move and evolve so does our ability to connect more and more aspects of our lives directly to the internet. We can now access our ‘things’ both at home and business remotely giving us control and awareness of them without having to be close to them. This is what the internet…

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New Caption Data Managing Director!

We are pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, Paul Sanders will take on the role of Managing Director. As a founding director Paul has been instrumental in shaping Caption Data from the start. With an unwavering passion and vision for the business it certainly marks the start of a new chapter for us here…

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CDL at the latest SWIG Event!

Last week our Business Development Director Paul Sanders and IoT Application Specialist Hanna Hopkins attended the latest SWIG event. Paul delivered an overview on ‘Moving data from the point of measurement to an Analysis Space’, which was very well received at the event. Paul and Hanna both enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the topic with…

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