Remote Building Vibration Monitoring Systems

Prevent Damage or Annoyance

The RDL//Vibe allows you to manage vibration levels and reduce vibration complaints from residents in neighbouring properties, as well as demonstrating compliance with tender requirements and British Standards.

Easy to Install and Go

The RDL//Vibe's simple, portable, design allows minimal effort to install and set up which can be completed within minutes - giving you live data almost immediately.

Online Vibration Data in Real Time

Access data and events online via our CDLSmartHub as well as receiving real time alerts by email and text SMS should alarm thresholds are triggered.

Product info

Remote Building Vibration Monitoring with the RDL//Vibe

A building’s response to ground-borne vibration is affected by various different factors and while a concern doesn’t always mean that there’s potential for damage, without an auditable trail of vibration data it can be difficult to link damage with a particular cause.

A wireless building vibration monitoring system such as the RDL//Vibe can monitor vibration levels and record events in high resolution while providing instant email and SMS alerts when vibration levels meet geophone (alarm) thresholds.

The RDL//Vibe is a robust, portable and easy to install self powered remote vibration monitoring system. It is ideal for monitoring vibration levels surrounding buildings and properties that arise from construction activities such as piling, demolition, blasting and other works that generate ground vibrations.

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RDLVibe Building Vibration Monitoring Specifications

  • Parameters measured: Peak Particle Velocity (PPV), acceleration, and displacement
  • Trigger levels: minimum 0.18mm/s and maximum 43.4mm/s
  • Frequency range: 4.5Hz to 500Hz
  • Low frequency response: 0.3Hz (with alternative geophone)
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions: 178 x 156 x 75 mm
  • Casing: IP66 die cast aluminium
  • Battery power: 2 x Lithium D Cell

Features and benefits
Other applications

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Live Building Vibration Data with CDLSmartHub

Live Building Vibration Data - Anytime, Any Device

Monitor vibration levels surrounding multiple buildings on a single platform. The CDLSmartHub is accessible from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC without having to install software or apps.

From the CDLSmartHub you can manage all system settings including: sampling and reporting periods and geophone thresholds, manage user accounts, view raw data, visualise data in graph format or download the data for external use.

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Email and SMS Trigger Alarms

Instant email and SMS alerts when alarm thresholds are triggered alert your key people to potentially dangerous vibration levels, allowing immediate remedial action to be taken to minimise vibration impact on neighbouring buildings.

Administrators can manage who receives alerts by email and SMS ensuring right people have the information they need to make decision in real time - not hours, days or weeks after the damage is done.

Building Vibration Monitoring Alarm Trigger

The company we keep

"It was invaluable in ensuring that we closely reviewed the piling operation and that it did not impact on the neighbouring community. The data that was captured and recorded also has provided us with transparent information which coupled with pre commencement surveys confirmed that the whole operation was carried out with no impact to the neighbouring properties. We would highly recommend your product and would not hesitate to use it again" - Managing Director, Construction Company

“The system was able to find mobile network coverage with ease by using roaming sims that offer an uninterrupted supply of data” - Vibration Monitoring Consultant

“The ability to remotely access live motion data from this iconic landmark, and to be able to change the threshold at which we acquire such data has been a tremendous asset for our research project” - Associate Professor, Plymouth University's School of Marine Science and Engineering

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