Caption Data receives Innovation Of The Year award 2013

Innovation of the year award given to Jonathan Penn and Paul Sanders at BDMA conference

We are pleased to announce that we were awarded ‘Innovation of the year’ at the British Damage Management Association’s (BDMA) annual awards dinner.

Caption Data receives Innovation of the year award 2013 for the HygroBug sensor

On November 28th, 2013 Caption Data were pleased to attended the BDMA annual awards dinner at Chesford Grange. We were finalists for the award along with Dri-Eaz Products Ltd and Tomorrow’s Air Solutions, but the BDMA deemed our innovative HygroBug sensor worthy of the award.

Innovation of the year is awarded by the BDMA for product, service or training innovation that has improved business delivery and/or has been widely adopted within the industry over the past two years.

What is the HygroBug?

The HygroBug™ uses specially tested probes which enables highly repeatable, accurate moisture content measurements to be taken in building materials.

‘In material’ RH measurements historically have been very challenging to take over long periods of time on a range of materials. The HygroBug offers a cost effective solution and can be used with the HygroNet, RDL//1000 or hand held meters.

Caption Data were pleased to attend the Damage Management Awards 2013

The Damage Management Awards were launched by the BDMA in 2009 acknowledging all that is best in our industry giving individuals and companies an opportunity to gain recognition for their achievements.

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