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Investing in Quality Testing with the help of WMG’s Humidity Chamber!

Case Studies

Modbus Device to the Cloud in Record Time from Any Controller!

Every day seems to bring a new request to connect a Modbus device to our SmartHub™ in order to give clients that rich functionality, to monitor, manage and inform. All done remotely, real time and on-line. So how do we get Modbus Controllers talking to the CDL SmartHub™ so quickly, securely and seamlessly? The Intelligence…

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Damp Social Housing, a Nightmare for Tenants and Landlords!

The Damp “Stats” and Why You Should Read On Nearly 11,000 tenants have claimed compensation for damp, leaks and damage in their council homes. Local authorities in England have paid out more than £35m in compensation and legal fees. The latest local government budget data shows £1.7bn a year earmarked for maintaining and repairing council…

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SHOCKTrail answers the questions you always wondered about!

The opportunity to deliver a prototype product to a customer was the ideal opportunity to investigate some of these questions. We shipped the SHOCKTrail unit switched on and were amazed at what we discovered in answer to these questions… How rough is the treatment of your product during shipment?   And, exactly when and where does…

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Remote Flooring Monitoring at the Tate Modern Gallery

When it comes to remote monitoring solutions, Caption Data are highly regarded specialists! We were recently tasked with a challenge for one of the most iconic galleries in the world – the Tate Modern! Find out more about how we helped. How Does Remote Monitoring Flooring Help? How does remote monitoring flooring help ensure that…

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MSR145 data loggers provide fall detection for older people

Researchers at the University of Roehampton Musculoskeletal research group used MSR145 data loggers with tri-axial accelerometers to record signals during a fall of the human body. Falling among older adults can cause major distress; the consequences may include fracture and the inability to move and isolated individuals may experience a long lie after a fall…

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Plug and Play is easy with the NanoULTRA remote telemetry unit

We wanted to show you in this blog how easy it is to connect the NanoULTRA remote telemetry unit to the CDL SmartHub and get your data monitored and visible, on-line and in record time.   The NanoULTRA is a ground breaking, low power Remote Telemetry Unit with a huge array of Inputs and Outputs.…

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HygroNet “MOT” pays dividends for Polygon

Polygon have been users of HygroNet remote monitoring equipment from CDL for many years, and have many hundreds of systems around the world, and some of those systems have been in use, week in and week out, for many years. In order to ensure the best utilisation and return on investment, Caption Data have embarked…

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Turning a Californian Skyscraper into a “Smart Building”

We have been working in and around the Built Environment for a long while, long before Smart Buildings became a phrase. First of all monitoring things like temperature and humidity, then getting involved in power and CO2, ventilation and lighting, and providing dashboards to help managers understand what’s going on. Our latest project to provide…

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