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IoT and M2M news

Got MODBUS? Then get instant access to the Internet of Things

If your product or equipment already has Modbus, then the NanoULTRA from Caption Data gives you the immediate ability to join them to the Internet of Things. From single units to 1000’s of units, with on line & real time control through the CDL SmartHub™ We have clients around the world using the NanoULTRA to…

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What do these OEM applications have in common? IoT

What do all of these OEM applications have in common? Cooling towers                            Biomass boilers Snow machines                           Asphalt laying trucks Emergency Water Standpipes    Pest control heat pods                           Water Purifiers                             Dust monitoring instruments Industrial cooling machinery      Voltage optimisers          Industrial Compactors                 Medical waste incinerators Just a few examples in the last couple of months where we…

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IoT survey 2017 and how CDL makes it work for you

Forbes have published a really excellent IoT survey summarising the state of the world of Internet of Things. You can read it here  While it tells you about lots of the benefits derived by industrial users, it doesn’t tell you anything about how to actually do it! That’s where Caption Data come in! We work…

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Remote Monitoring – Improving visability of your hire equipment

Equipment hire is a great industry, allowing businesses access to specialist equipment without the large investment of buying, but it has its own challenges. We have recently been working alongside clients to develop a new way to monitor and protect their hire equipment. “The equipment wasn’t working to full capacity…” “The equipment wouldn’t switch on…”…

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Why we developed the NanoULTRA M2M & IoT terminal

Many of our customers were looking for IoT solutions with a number of features that simply were not available in existing products. We could not ignore this and developed the NanoULTRA IoT Terminal as a result. It has constantly evolved and with 1000’s of units in service is indeed still evolving and delivering a rich…

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The Internet of Things: Industry’s Digital Revolution

The NanoULTRA system and the CDL SmartHub have been developed in real world applications over a nine year period. This end to end solution is perfectly placed to help organisations drive value into their business and realize new forms of revenue streams from service based business models. This article from the Financial Times shows how…

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Secure IoT Solutions – How good are ours?

The media is full of scary stories about cyber threats at the moment, denial of service attacks and so on (here is just one press story ) so it seems like a good time to share our approach to cyber security for our industrial secure IOT solutions. Its a subject we have always taken seriously…

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The Built Environment and the Internet of Things – so what?

CDL have been making buildings smart for years. Here’s a little animation telling more… The Built Environment and the Internet of Things – so what? Well if you’re responsible for, say, the health of the public through the proper provision of chilled storage of food, drink or drugs… or if you are running a multi…

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