Hygrostick Compatible Wireless Sensors – a New Industry Standard?

These exciting new wireless sensors, added to the RDL//1000 range, can simultaneously monitor two Hygrosticks as well as all the normal RDL//1000 readings, and you get the Hygrostick data on-line via the CDL SmartHub. The new wireless hygrostick sensor gives users all the same benefits of the RDL//1000 system, such as dashboards, trending, dynamic charting, […]

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Reacting to Customer Feedback – a new solution for connecting the RDL//Vibe sensors

The RDL//Vibe continues to be one our leading products, and the type of applications it is purchased for continues to expand. Thus, the client’s requirements may vary from traditional installations. Recently, one of our clients in Canada needed to leave the Geophone sensors permanently connected to a critical pipeline for vibration monitoring, but during the […]

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IP68 rated enclosure for the NanoUlTRA RTU

We have added the IP68 NanoULTRA Case to our ever-growing product family. This provides robust & watertight protection for the NanoULTRA ultra-low power M2M and industrial IOT remote terminal unit. The problem requiring an IP68 rated NanoULTRA case The NanoULTRA is often installed and commissioned to operate in extremely harsh environments. These can vary from […]

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Remote Flooring Monitoring at the Tate Modern Gallery

When it comes to remote monitoring solutions, Caption Data are highly regarded specialists! We were recently tasked with a challenge for one of the most iconic galleries in the world – the Tate Modern! Find out more about how we helped. How Does Remote Monitoring Flooring Help? How does remote monitoring flooring help ensure that […]

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MSR145 data loggers provide fall detection for older people

Researchers at the University of Roehampton Musculoskeletal research group used MSR145 data loggers with tri-axial accelerometers to record signals during a fall of the human body. Falling among older adults can cause major distress; the consequences may include fracture and the inability to move and isolated individuals may experience a long lie after a fall […]

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