Parliament building to be installed with 21st century remote monitoring systems

21st century, internet enabled data monitoring systems are soon to be installed at Westminster Hall   Built in 1097 under William II (Rufus), the son of William the Conqueror, Westminster Hall is the oldest building on the Parliamentary Estate. What makes it such an astonishing building is not simply its great size and the magnificence […]

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Monitoring the drying process from the comfort of your office

In this customer testimonial we find out how easy it is monitoring the drying process from the comfort of your office. Caption Data’s real time water damage monitoring systems can be used to provide constant monitoring of the drying process and/or condensation levels in properties by measuring temperature, humidity, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, WME and/or […]

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Caption Data appoints first marketing coordinator

Worcester-based technology company Caption Data appoints first marketing coordinator to help support the company achieve growth in new and existing markets.   The appointment comes shortly after Caption Data Limited (CDL) banked £100,000 in it’s maiden funding round from venture capitalists Midven and Minerva Business Angel Network.   Callum Davies took an innovative approach to job seeking […]

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Web enable OEM machinery without a LAN – Eureka!

Caption Data continue to leverage on our experience working with a range of machinery control systems, and grow our portfolio of products offering a rapid, cost effective Web enabling capability. We truly understand the frustrations With mounting experience in the sector we truly understand the frustrations associated with wanting to retrieve valuable ‘field based’ information from […]

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Roaming SIM’s dramatically improve Remote Monitoring function and cost

A new range of International Roaming SIM’s available through Caption Data for use on their remote monitoring systems offer huge benefits to customers, and since all CDL wireless remote monitoring systems use mobile phone networks to transmit their data, this is really important for our customers.. Mobile phone signal is variable at best! Phone companies […]

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