What do these OEM applications have in common? IoT

What do all of these OEM applications have in common? Cooling towers                            Biomass boilers Snow machines                           Asphalt laying trucks Emergency Water Standpipes    Pest control heat pods                           Water Purifiers                             Dust monitoring instruments Industrial cooling machinery      Voltage optimisers          Industrial Compactors                 Medical waste incinerators Just a few examples in the last couple of months where we […]

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Bass Rock Gannets – MSR Data Loggers

  Here at Caption Data we work with clients from all kinds of industries, with products like data loggers being used worldwide, but every now and then even we get an unusual request that has everyone in the office intrigued! Jude Lane from the Scottish Seabird Centre is carrying out research on Bass Rock. Bass […]

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Damp Social Housing, a Nightmare for Tenants and Landlords!

The Damp “Stats” and Why You Should Read On Nearly 11,000 tenants have claimed compensation for damp, leaks and damage in their council homes. Local authorities in England have paid out more than £35m in compensation and legal fees. The latest local government budget data shows £1.7bn a year earmarked for maintaining and repairing council […]

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SHOCKTrail answers the questions you always wondered about!

The opportunity to deliver a prototype product to a customer was the ideal opportunity to investigate some of these questions. We shipped the SHOCKTrail unit switched on and were amazed at what we discovered in answer to these questions… How rough is the treatment of your product during shipment?   And, exactly when and where does […]

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