Damp Social Housing, a Nightmare for Tenants and Landlords!

The Damp “Stats” and Why You Should Read On Nearly 11,000 tenants have claimed compensation for damp, leaks and damage in their council homes. Local authorities in England have paid out more than £35m in compensation and legal fees. The latest local government budget data shows £1.7bn a year earmarked for maintaining and repairing council […]

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IoT and Facilities Management – a short video introduction

  Take a look at some of these IoT and Facilities Management iconic installations on properties as diverse as… A USA skyscaper that we turned “smart” Monitoring the roof beams of Westminster Hall Helping the Natural History Museum protect a meteorite or, how the Institute of Asset Management reported our work on monitoring Water Systems […]

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10 Reasons Your Business Needs an Internet of Things Strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a futuristic technology trend: it’s the first step in becoming a truly digital business and it starts with your things—your line-of-business assets and the data they produce, your cloud services, and your business intelligence tools. That’s the Internet of Your Things. By implementing an Internet of Things strategy, you […]

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What could you do with the CDLSmartHub?

The range and style of individual uses of the CDLSmartHub are growing fast so its worth sharing these and stimulating more clever applications from our global users base. Application example one One client with 50 RDL1000 remote environmental monitoring systems, monitoring Temperature, Humidity and Wood Moisture Equivalents (WME) throughout Nordic countries has a dashboard with “tiles” […]

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