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A short Vlog about OEM applications and the Internet of Things

OEM / Embedded

What do these OEM applications have in common? IoT

What do all of these OEM applications have in common? Cooling towers                            Biomass boilers Snow machines                           Asphalt laying trucks Emergency Water Standpipes    Pest control heat pods                           Water Purifiers                             Dust monitoring instruments Industrial cooling machinery      Voltage optimisers          Industrial Compactors                 Medical waste incinerators Just a few examples in the last couple of months where we…

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Remote Monitoring – Improving visability of your hire equipment

Equipment hire is a great industry, allowing businesses access to specialist equipment without the large investment of buying, but it has its own challenges. We have recently been working alongside clients to develop a new way to monitor and protect their hire equipment. “The equipment wasn’t working to full capacity…” “The equipment wouldn’t switch on…”…

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New Universal Low Power RTU / IoT Terminal

  From within its compact & robust case the NanoULTRA packs a big punch! Huge connectivity World beating low power performance On Board SD card “flight recorder” Instant SmartHub access for Internet of Things! Universal Low Power RTU / IoT Terminal Universal RTU includes 4 Instrument grade Analogue inputs … Upgradeable to 12 Analogues 5…

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The IoT Slam, 28th April 2016 & We’re presenting!

Captiond Data were pleased to be invited to make a presentation at the up-coming IoT Slam [details here]  based on our experience working with OEM and enterprise clients around the world.       This session will explore how Enterprise & OEM Industrial Internet of Things customers are still typically in the early adopter/early majority…

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Here it is… the NanoULTRA OEM Remote Telemetry Unit

The NanoULTRA OEM remote telemetry unit started life on the drawing board for one of our long standing customers – ATi, specialists in measuring water quality. Now it’s generating lots of interest with other OEM’s across a wide range of industries! CDL work extensively with OEM’s providing an end to end, seamless, hassle free solution…

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Over 25% of companies globally are engaged with M2M

Vodafone (who are one of many partners Caption Data use for M2M communications) published their M2M and IoT predictions for 2016, in an article for IoT Now. Among other things, the article stated: We took those three points, and compared them to our business; remote monitoring and explored how they relate to our customers and what we do. Over…

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From your “thing” to the CDLSmartHub

Whatever your “thing” we can probably web enable it! Over the last 2 years we’ve seen a massive rise in the Internet of Things (IoT), a development of the internet connecting everyday objects to the internet, allowing them to send and receive data. The CDLSmartHub allows you to connect your “things” monitoring data from them…

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