Combating covid: embracing smart technology to measure indoor air quality


Peracetic acid, its potential harmful effects and the benefits of IoT

Peracetic acid, more commonly known as PAA, is a chemical used widely as a sanitiser across a range of industries such as food and beverage, hospitals, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Against the backdrop of the Covid 19 pandemic, use of sanitizers has increased exponentially, both in a domestic setting and within business environments, and its production…

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Reaping the benefits of IoT asset management

The innovative world of IoT (Internet of Things) enabled products and services is growing exponentially. But if you already have equipment in place, can you harness the power of IoT to upgrade and enhance your offering? And, if so, how? You’ll be pleased to learn that it is entirely possible to reap the benefits of…

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IoT Platform Selection Guide & Research Report

IOT Platform benefits

Below is from the Hitachi sponsored market overview by 451 Research into IOT platforms. The full report can be downloaded HERE WHAT DO INDUSTRIAL USERS WANT FROM AN IOT PLATFORM? Caption Data experience confirms the #1 motivation being risk reduction, with business interruption risks being particularly high up the agenda   How does CDL’s IOT…

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Water damage restoration and Coronavirus – IoT Technology can help!


The water damage industry is experiencing a perfect storm in the UK with the recent spate of record flooding and now Coronavirus. Unique, un-chartered landscapes of excessive water damage and Coronavirus need innovative smart models to keep business flowing. This is a perfect time to be embracing digital IoT solutions. Here are five top reasons…

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Water damage properties, restoration and IoT – Where is the value?

Water Damage

Advancements in IoT solutions have enabled light touch, quick to install monitoring systems to assist with property drying. Benefits can be yielded by policy holders, insurance companies and damage restoration companies. The headline points are summarised below:- Reduction of cycle times Higher throughput of loss handling Events commonly occur whilst drying properties that extend drying…

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10 reasons your business needs an IoT strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a futuristic technology trend: it’s the first step in becoming a truly digital business and it starts with your things—your line-of-business assets and the data they produce, your cloud services, and your business intelligence tools. That’s the Internet of Your Things. By implementing an Internet of Things strategy,…

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Implementing IIoT – Top 5 key qualities to business success!

As technology continues to move and evolve so does our ability to connect more and more aspects of our lives directly to the internet. We can now access our ‘things’ both at home and business remotely giving us control and awareness of them without having to be close to them. This is what the internet…

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