Reacting to Customer Feedback – a new solution for connecting the RDL//Vibe sensors

Shock and vibration

RDL VIBE Remote Vibration Monitoring – it’s easy to set up!

We wanted to show you how easy it is to connect the RDL VIBE remote vibration monitoring system to the CDL SmartHub, and have your data monitored and visible, on-line and in record time.   What is the RDL Vibe remote vibration monitoring system? The RDL Vibe offers up to 2 triaxial low frequency Geophones…

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RDL//Vibe 1: Bulldozer 0 – it was no contest!

The Bulldozer on site

When Caption Data say their products are rugged, people generally just take it at face value. Our customer UA Antia took that approach as well when they bought one of their latest instruments from us. No discussion on what rugged really meant. A few months later they contacted us to say this particular unit had been…

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Top 3 Benefits of Remote Vibration Monitoring

As residential neighbourhoods continue to flourish construction companies, developers and project managers are under increasing pressure to minimise the risks of damage to nearby properties and structures, reduce nuisance complaints and adopt the most ethical working methods.  Activities such as Demolition, piling and other construction works generate vibrations that if not managed can cause structural…

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We’re picking up good vibrations from Building Engineer

CABE Chartered Association of Building Engineers Building Engineers Journal

Thank you to the team behind the Building Engineer, the journal of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) for accepting our contribution covering the story of how continuous vibration monitoring of a demolition site in central is helping to protect a church and glass house.  And a special thanks to Carol Langham for all of…

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We’ve got live data….. Who the hell cares?

We've got live data.... who the hell cares?

To showcase our leading position in the industrial IoT and M2M arena, we’ve made publically available live data from a number of types of sensors located within our offices and other premises. To answer the question we care about Live Data. We care about data in general because data is such an integral part of…

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Can Traffic Induced Vibration Damage Buildings?

Can traffic induced vibration damage buildings

While traffic noise is undoubtedly a nuisance to many people, can ground-borne vibrations caused by traffic actually damage buildings? We discuss traffic induced vibration damage. Much work has been carried out where effects of intermittent disturbances causing ground-borne vibration have been studied. The result of work in institutions around the world over decades is that…

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The RDL//Vibe for low frequency vibration monitoring applications

low frequency vibration monitoring at Longships Lighthouse

Many applications of vibration monitoring equipment require low frequencies to fully understand the effects of vibration on properties and structures, from nearby disturbances. Typical Geophones and vibration monitoring systems measure Peak Particle Velocity with a frequency range from 4.5 Hz to 100 Hz. This can result in underestimated and inaccurate low frequency vibration recordings of…

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Structural monitoring at iconic lighthouse Eddystone

Wave run up at Eddystone Lighthouse

The winter storms early in 2014 were some of the most severe recorded in South West England. Coincidentally, during this period Plymouth University’s School of Marine Science and Engineering have been using vibration monitoring equipment from Caption Data limited, to measure the dynamic structural response of Eddystone Lighthouse’s tower under various stress loads ranging from…

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Real time vibration monitoring on construction sites

Caption Data Real time construction monitoring solutions

With an ever increasing list of checkboxes, hoops to jump through, safety requirements, and along with a focus on sustainable and socially friendly operations in civil and structural engineering, remote monitoring systems can offer a range of benefits. Remote monitoring systems can offer real time access to data from construction and groundwork activities such as…

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