CDLSmartHub Security Statement

All data can be monitored from any internet enabled PC 24/7 by anyone with internet access and the correct permissions.

Key features:

  • All data is securely hosted by a third party server facility.
  • The servers upon which the data is stored are within state of the art facilities across Europe and have 256Gbit connectivity, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • The data centres are monitored by 150+ permanently recording video cameras.
  • Eight high-powered cooling units rated at 5,600 KW and two spiral vortex compressors work alongside bespoke heat exchangers to keep everything cool.

  • Every system is n+1 redundant.
  • The security airlock ensures that only authorised personnel can enter the data centre.
  • Only one person can pass through the airlock at one time.
  • In the event the power grid is down, five huge 16-cylinder diesel generators supply constant, reliable power.

The security aspect of the system is a key priority and every measure within reason is taken to ensure there is no compromise of the system.

Key features with regards to security include:

  • Dual firewall protection to prevent unwanted access.
  • All failed attempted logins are logged and investigated.

  • Daily reports are produced on system activity and any anomalies highlighted.
  • Access to core system only via authenticated, password protected keys via encrypted protocols and only from pre-determined IP addresses.

An additional option (not included as standard) would be to install an SSL certificate which would mean that all web communications would be encrypted to a military grade standard. This would encrypt all data from the HygroNet to the CDLSmartHub and all users accessing the CDLSmartHub.

System Backup

All data logged to the CDLSmartHub is securely saved on the hosted server.

All data is fully ‘downloadable’ at any point in a standard format, this enables users to make regular back ups to their own servers in their own time. An automated process can be put in place (no extra charge) to send all data to a specific location (customers server/email etc.), this gives peace of mind all data can be ‘folded’ into customers own systems for audit purposes.

A full system back up is undertaken every 24 hours.

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