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Connect ANY sensor or transducer to our m2m systems

We've got live data.... who the hell cares?

We pride ourselves at Caption Data in delivering truly fit for purpose M2M/IoT systems.

Our background has emanated from a blend of high speed, PC based data acquisition systems and internet based databases – The perfect ingredients for great fit remote monitoring and logging systems.

Sensors and communications we can interface to (but are not limited to):

Temperature: Thermistors, Thermocouples, PT100 (Platinum Resistance), non contact IR.

Humidity: Capacitive, Resistive, I²C, SPI, Analogue o/p (Voltage or Current).

Digital: Volt free contact inputs, frequency pulse inputs

Flow: Frequency pulse inputs, Analogue (Voltage or current), SPI, I²C

Strain: Full bridge, half bridge, quarter bridge

Vibration: ICP Accelerometers, I²C Accelerometers, Geophones (can convert signals to displacement, frequency, velocity, PPV)

Energy/Power: Frequency pulse inputs, Analogue (Voltage or current), communications to third party energy meter

Resistance (WME/moisture content): Up to 6 Gigaohms

Process signal: Voltage (any range), Current (0-20mA, 4-20mA)

Pressure: Analogue (Voltage or Current), SPI, I²C

Communications: RS232, RS485, Modbus, PROFIBUS, ASCII, CANBUS, proprietary protocols

Position: GPS

Weather Station: Wind Speed & Direction, Barometric Pressure, Solar Gain, Rainfall (via a mix of third party instruments on either analogue or comms signals)

Water Quality: Chlorine, Turbidity, Oxygen, Ammonia, Ph, Nitrates (via a mix of third party instruments on either analogue or comms signals)

If you cannot see the sensor/protocol above and you need to remote enable it, why not get in touch? Chances are that we can probably help!

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