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References tab - aircraft structural

Measuring aircraft structural usage using the MSR165 Data Logger

When the aircraft enters military service it is essential that these structural usage assumptions are validated to assure the structural integrity of the aircraft. In the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MOD), this validation is regulated by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA).

However, traditionally such validation programmes have been costly and with the ever-growing pressure on defence spending….

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References tab - small all round


Miniaturised data loggers assist with machine, workpiece and production optimisation

At its St. Wendel site, the Fresenius Medical Care Company manufactures peritoneal dialysis systems, which can be used to perform extremely gentle blood purification on patients. These highly complex electronic medical devices require special plastic valves that must be manufactured and installed in a cleanroom, in compliance with the effective regulations. In the production machines used for the installation work, these valves are transported on workpiece carriers that are machined from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) solid material. However, due to the permanent mechanical stress, signs of wear appeared on the workpiece carriers; therefore, the decision was taken to develop a new, more hard-wearing design….

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References tab - transportation

To ensure that the products reach the customer undamaged

The MSR data loggers employed by Kärcher in this user report were used for the transportation monitoring of the worldwide shipping of packages, so as to be able to assess transportation stresses in more detail in the future. A differentiation was made between the shipping types of pallet shipment and individual shipment. In order to be able to design a package for individual or pallet shipment, various tests were carried out….

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References tab - environmental monitoring

MSR255 data logger in action at Carbotech AG, Environmental Consulting Services

In spite of modern ventilation systems in open-plan offices, employees repeatedly complain about the indoor climate. In addition to the users’ different perceptions and demands for comfort, technical issues may be the reasons behind such complaints.

For more than 25 years Carbotech AG, which is based in Binningen near Basel, has given advice and support to companies, public authorities and other organisations with regard to environmental matters. The services offered by Carbotech focus on the two core areas of ‘Environmental Consulting’ and ‘Pollutants’. In order to process chemical and physical indoor issues, Carbotech has a wide range of instruments for taking measurements and samples – including data loggers by MSR Electronics….

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References tab - Paintings

Transportation of paintings – Fundamental aspects and vibration measurements during the transportation of artwork

The aim of Ms Braun’s bachelor thesis was to investigate – with a focus on the maximum occurring values – mechanical vibrations which act on works of art, deploying sensors as they are generally used in the context of non-destructive testing.
In the practical part of the bachelor thesis, the relevant key technical data from the MSR165 data logger employed is described….

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