Why we developed the NanoULTRA M2M & IoT terminal

NanoULTRA IoT Terminal Many of our customers were looking for IoT solutions with a number of features that simply were not available in existing products. We could not ignore this and developed the NanoULTRA IoT Terminal as a result.

It has constantly evolved and with 1000’s of units in service is indeed still evolving and delivering a rich and flexible feature set.

   ULTRA low power. Battery power is a common requirement for our customers and the NanoULTRA addresses this. For general business models and ‘as a service’ models to be commercially viable, battery longevity needs to be significant. The NanoULTRA can perform intelligent logging/monitoring and control functions at currents as little as 200uA @3.6Vdc. This makes cellular connectivity viable for a wide range of long term deployments. Of course if we have power available – so much the better – it will satisfy these applications also.
   On board SD card. A realistic approach has to be adopted in terms of how much data can (and should) be transmitted via a cellular connection. Leveraging the SmartHub the NanoULTRA can be easily configured to store measurements to the SD card. This rich and granular data can be retrieved easily via our App and Bluetooth connection. You don’t even need to attach a cable! Of course this all operates in parallel with the regular measurement data that is delivered to the SmartHub™ via cellular communications.
   Using FOTA to evolve and scale. We use both an intelligent modem and microcontroller in the NanoULTRA. Both of these are fully and individually programmable via firmware over the air (FOTA). This allows us to deliver entry level functionality in super quick time and enables us to grow the device application code over time. In our experience delivering IoT solutions it is rare you will know all of the features you need in an application from day one so you need this flexibility to grow. It is not viable to require an engineer to visit site to perform firmware upgrades manually.
   BLE connectivity. This is available now and can be developed to suit individual applications. The use of this connection via BLE (Blue Tooth Low Energy) is very popular as complex equipment will always use up resources during installation, commissioning and warranty periods and this makes it a painless operation. The App can take technicians through a controlled and documented process maximising install success and time. The app can also be used for taking live measurement data via your smart phone or tablet, without needing to physically access the equipment.  

Many more features……. Including the extraordinarily wide range of I/O’s. Analogue/digital inputs/digital outputs/I2C/SPI/R232/485/CAN bus and the On-board GPS option are detailed in the product data sheet here

The NanoULTRA and SmartHub deliver a formidable combination for off the shelf and OEM applications alike. The solution is delivering many thousands of data points today, this is from real world industrial applications in over 11 Countries.

Our customers tell us they like the fact we can deliver complete IoT solutions, they tell us how they like our ability to take concepts, through pilots to scalable solutions. Some of our existing customers comments can be seen here: Google reviews

We would be delighted to talk to you about your IoT application.

Please feel free to contact me personally on +44 1905 754078 or paul@captiondata.com


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