Did You Know? Fast ways to search the CDL SmartHub for a device


If you manage many of our remote monitoring devices within your day to day work, and many of our customers have several hundred units, you might be used to searching the CDL SmartHub for a particular unit of interest. We know this can be time consuming and slightly irritating at times!

There are faster and more efficient ways to search the CDL SmartHub for a specific unit!

1st Tip :  Sort devices by “Last Seen 

If you view a list of your devices in “System Administration”, have you ever noticed a column called “last Seen”? The date and time in this column indicates when your device last “logged in” to the CDL Smarthub, and uploaded data.

Well, you can sort this column just like the function in Excel!!

If you move your mouse curser over the header for this column, an up/down arrow will appear, and clicking on this will sort the list of devices by most recently logged in, or by clicking again, systems that have not logged in within the designated system settings.

CDL Smart Hub tips
Sort your units by last seen date








2nd tip: – Search the CDL SmartHub for devices by using CTRL + F

Again, if you view a list of your devices within “System Administration”, there is a keyboard command that allows you to search for devices by typing part of the name, or the last 6 IMEI figures (Or “ID” as its listed in the SmartHub column)

If you use the Keyboard command “CTRL + F “, a search box will appear in your internet browser.

Within this search box, you can type either ID numbers, or the name of the device you would like to find quickly.

As you type, the search will find units and highlight them within the device list. (the more specific you are with your search criteria, the quicker you will find the device)

CDL SmartHub Tips
CTRL + F to search














Depending on the internet browser used, the search box may appear in different screen positions. The example above is using Windows Internet Explorer 10

So there you go, next time you logon, give it a try and let us know what you think?

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