Did you know? Ways to add start and end dates for SmartHub searches

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Selecting Start & End dates within CDL SmartHub

As many of you may know, the normal way of selecting the Start & End dates is through the conventional calendar selection highlighted below. This is done by either manually typing in the date and time, or selecting the date by clicking on the calendar Icon.

CDL SmartHub date range entry
The conventional way of entering date ranges



However, there’s a quicker or perhaps more convenient method of selecting small or large periods of data!!!

For example, if you want to view the last 6 hours’ data, to present day/ time, then simply type the following in the Start & End selection boxes of the SmartHub

CDL smartHub real date ranges
Type in real english start and end dates

Once entered, simply Click “Generate Graph”, and you will report the last 6 hours of data to the current GMT time. (Example Below)

CDL SmartHub real start time
RDL 1000 data starting 6 hours ago


It works with the text “Days” too!!!! So for example why not try typing “7 Days ago” in the SmartHub and press “Generate”

CDL SmrtHub start date 7 days ago
7 days ago start date

Here’s the result!!

rdl 1000 start 7 days ago search
rdl 1000 start 7 days ago search

So there you go, next time you logon, give it a try and let us know what you think?

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