Earthquakes in New Zealand felt by remote monitoring systems

Earthquakes in New Zealand felt by remote monitoring systems

Two earthquakes struck in New Zealand last week. Coincidently a New Zealand-based customer had the Nano ULTRA-Vibe online, testing for vibrations, and what better clarification that the shock and vibration monitoring system works than capturing vibrations during two earthquakes within 50km of the system locations.

The earthquakes which each registered as 4.9 on the Richter Magnitude Scale, were rated moderate by GeoNet although being felt by more than 3,500 people across New Zealand. One of the quakes was even felt in the capital city according to a tweet by New Zealand’s Green MP, Holly Walker.



Caption Data manufacture remote monitoring systems for a variety of different applications, and we were as excited as our customer when we received the email to say, our remote shock and vibration monitoring system although not designed for seismic detection was able to capture vibrations during the events.

Neil Jepsen of Jepsen Acoustics & Electronics Ltd, said “This morning at 19:46:38 there was a magnitude 5 earthquake about 50Km from here, and it was captured on your device. The z-axis was pointing exactly towards the earthquake site, by coincidence the sensor was sitting on a concrete floor of my workshop, with a 1kg weight on top of the sensor”.

The Nano ULTRA-Vibe is more commonly found near construction sites and groundwork activity

The RDL//Vibe is more commonly found on sensitive properties and structures monitoring construction and ground work induced shock and vibrations, around tunneling activity, and more recently around pipelines. The RDL//Vibe is also currently in use on some amazing and iconic structures around the world such as Eddystone Lighthouse, the most iconic lighthouse in the British Isles.

It’s completely coincidence that the Nano ULTRA-Vibe was in use so near to the earthquake sources, the system is not designed to monitor or measure seismic activity however, it did capture vibrations during both events.

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We have a range of remote monitoring solutions designed for a variety of different applications in addition, we proudly work with a wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop on-board and/or embedded systems.



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