eBay Magazine uses MSR data loggers for the big dispatch test

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Six large parcel delivery companies have competed for the business of private eBay sellers in Germany. In November the German eBay Magazine used the MSR145 and MSR165 data loggers in a test to find out which of the delivery companies (DHL, DPD, GLS, Hermes,
iloxx and UPS) took best care of the goods. The high-tech data loggers from MSR uncovered the details

The high-tech data loggers from MSR uncovered the details on what happened to the parcels in transit. The result: parcels were not handled gently underway – the data recorded by the loggers indicated that the measurement threshold of 15g was exceeded repeatedly for all of the parcels tested. In other words, the parcels were regularly subjected to forces of over 40kg.

The temperature variations during transit also proved interesting. The Hermes parcel reached 30 degrees but was then cooled down to 8 degrees. In addition to the way in which the parcels were handled, the eBay Magazine test also took into consideration criteria such as price, speed of delivery, customer service and other quality characteristics. The clear overall winner was. industry giant DHL! (Source: eBay Magazine 4/2009).

Protecting goods during transit throughout the world

The quality of transportation conditions can be dramatically influenced by a wide spectrum of external influences. Seamless data recording makes the monitoring of delicate goods in transit much simpler. Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer despatching plant machinery for the metal cutting industry, a hospital transporting highly sensitive medical devices to another hospital or a museum transporting fragile paintings, we have a data logger than can help you.

Through our range of miniaturised data loggers by MSR, we are able to offer solutions for a wide range of applications that help you by:

  • Reducing the risk of damage
  • Preventing damage
  • Identifying preventative measures

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Identifying blame attribution
  • Offering a higher quality assurance

We are confident we can recommend a data logging solution for your requirements

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Case study republished with permission in writing from MSR.

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