Embedded Remote Monitoring for OEMs

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Remote Monitoring for OEMs

Embedded remote monitoring solutions for OEMs

Caption Data assisted us in integrating the telemetry system seamlessly, quickly and easily"
- National Utility Sales Manager, ATi UK

Embedded Remote Monitoring for OEMs

Caption Data have over 30 years of experience throughout our team in delivering end-to-end remote monitoring solutions for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). We are uniquely placed to support the development and implementation of remote monitoring solutions in products and equipment

How We Add Value at Every Stage of the Journey

By implementing the latest in Machine to Machine (Otherwise known as M2M) technology we are able to interface with virtually any sensor or communications protocol, and we pride ourselves on delivering truly fit for purpose remote monitoring solutions, which can be embedded or retrofitted to existing equipment and other assets.

Interested in finding out how we could add value through remote monitoring to your equipment or systems?

The OEM Remote Monitoring Journey

Capturing Data Remotely

Capture data from any sensor or communications line at the correct rate, accuracy, and medium (wireless/wired) for the application.

At Caption Data we utilise the correct sensor and correct medium for the application, we have no vested interest in specific protocols or sensors. We strive to give you the best fit hardware specifically focused on the merits of its application.

Delivering Data Securely

We deliver the measured data robustly, securely over a GSM/3G network giving you complete independence from any third party networks. Our method of delivery gives you complete control of your operational data. It also gives your customer the peace of mind that if their network infrastructure is compromised it will not affect any SLAs or other agreements they have with you.

Caption Data offer a complete worldwide roaming, managed SIM service taking away any administrative and support overheads on this key element.

Leverage Data for Visualisation

Once the data is securely transferred to the CDLSmartHub we can now leverage this data in sophisticated ways to give you powerful visualisation of your assets. The web portal can be accessed through any standard browser on a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

We are here to guide you through the process helping define users and importantly what they want to get from the information. This could be a technician installing a single system in an aggressive location or a senior company executive looking to pick out trends from 1000’s of remote assets via intuitive dashboards.


NanoULTRA- Edge Remote Unit

The NanoULTRA- Edge builds on over six years of experience from Caption Data, provides a robust, instrument grade platform for serious business and enterprise M2M applications.

CDLSmartHub Remote Data Hub & Reporting Tool

Your Data When You Need It

Remotely monitor field based assets and instrumentation online in real time with the CDLSmartHub, accessible on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or Dekstop PC.

CASE STUDY - real time data integration with Yorkshire Water’s Pi System

Yorkshire Water Logo

Since 2008 Caption Data Limited have been working with ATi UK to provide telemetry for a range of instrumentation. The latest application sees Caption Data’s RDL//nano integrated onboard ATi’s disruptive Turbidity monitoring technology.

Working with YW’s Real-Time Data Development Specialist, Caption Data were able to provide instant access to data as soon as it’s available, through a simple but secure connection between YW servers and their own.

Steve McGuin, YW’s Real Time Data Specialist says “Ease of integration is what we’re about. We were able to implement data from the CDLSmartHub against our standard structure by connecting our servers with Caption Data servers.”

CASE STUDY - The system that never sleeps (Published by Institute of Asset Management)

Hevasure Ltd have partnered with Caption Data since they began offering an innovative service that protects expensive HVAC assets and reduces risk by continuously monitoring the parameters that cause corrosion and system failure. 

Steve Munn, Managing Director at Hevasure said, “Hevasure have partnered with Caption Data Limited in developing a revolutionary HVAC monitoring service. Using the Caption Data Nano data loggers coupled with our high quality sensors, we are able to remotely and continuously record data on important aspects of HVAC systems. This not only prevents failures but provides FM companies and installers with proof that they have maintained their client’s systems during their watch, thus stopping unfair litigation. Read the article in the May edition of Assets (The institute of Asset Management magazine) written by Jonathan Penn of Caption Data.”

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