Energy Consumption Monitoring FAQs

Energy Monitoring FAQs

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  • How can I get a better understanding of where my energy is actually being used?

    • There are a few parts to this answer:-

      • Often if metering solutions are in place, they take the main feed in to a property giving very ‘coarse’ measurements.
      • They are valuable in their own rights but will ask as many questions as they answer.
      • There is value in taking a deeper level of measurements throughout your facility, this will enable you to gain understanding and insights into what areas/machines/services are the main energy consumers.
      • Using smart technology to harvest this energy data and the SmartHub IoT platform to analyse the data will give you a smart toolset to gain an accurate picture of where your energy is being used, allowing you take any corrective action.
  • I have someone taking manual meter readings, why don’t I just carry on with this?

    • If the meters actually exist this is indeed an option, it is however very inefficient and will not give you real time insights. This is also open to human error.
  • What are the practical steps to deploying a CDL Smart energy monitoring solution?

    • CDL can work closely with you to gain an understanding of where your energy consumption. A simple hand drawing of where you wish to monitor your energy consumption (electricity/water/gas) and photos can often be enough to get moving.
  • What does the hardware look like?

    • There is always going to need to be a hardware element, CDL has variety of smart wireless sensors and cellular solutions to retrieve your energy data
    • The data is transmitted securely back the CDL SmartHubTM without the need for local LAN connectivity, there is no need for any localised IT support or involvement
  • Can I take any other measurements?

    • Yes indeed, in fact the process of measuring/monitoring energy consumption can often throw up these demands. Other measurements could be air quality, machinery status, air flow, leak detection and much more. Please look at the Matrix + for a full range of options
  • I have multiple properties; can I aggregate all this data into one account?

    • Yes, all the harvested data is fed back securely into your SmartHub account, this gives you a single, helicopter view of all of your estate and the energy footprint.