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Machine Energy Usage Monitoring

In production companies, machinery will be the biggest consumer of energy. If a company can understand how their machines are using energy, they can implement measures to reduce consumption and their carbon footprint.

Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

With energy prices set to rise further by the end of 2022, it is vital that companies are using energy as efficiently as possible.

Two of the biggest ways a company can waste energy are by using aging and inefficient equipment or by leaving machines/equipment running needlessly. Inefficient energy consumption will lead to unnecessary costs.

Our smart monitoring devices provide detailed energy usage reporting which allows businesses to monitor the efficiency of their production assets. This provides vital insight into productivity that will help with energy and carbon management.

Using the data provided by our Smarthub energy dashboard allows you to increase productivity and efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary power consumption.

We use our years of expertise in measuring and monitoring energy use to reduce our clients’ energy bills. During our on-site surveys and consultation processes, we can find and report on untapped measure points to give you the true picture of your business's energy consumption.

On average we save our customers 10% at the end of the first year.

Parameters Measured:

  • Electricity Consumption
  • Gas Consumption
  • Water Consumption

Additional Measurements Include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Quality
  • Machinery Status
  • Water Quality

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Electricity and heat production are the biggest contributors to global carbon emissions. Governments around the world are committed to reducing carbon output so it is vital that businesses play their part.

The first step to reducing a business's carbon emissions is to know and understand its energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Using energy monitoring solutions provided by Caption Data, you can remotely monitor your company’s energy consumption. You can then take the first steps to become carbon neutral.

Benefits of Carbon Neutrality

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Enhance your green credentials
  • Become an environmentally responsible brand
  • Contribute to reducing global carbon levels
  • Align your business to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Caption Data Service and Delivery

Smart Energy Monitoring and Reporting

At Caption Data we work with businesses in various industries such as energy management consultancies, facility management service providers, and large corporations, to help them capture valuable data on their energy usage.

Using our smart remote monitoring systems we measure electricity and gas usage. The data is presented in our CDLSmartHub to provide detailed reporting to help control energy consumption.​​

Businesses using our solutions to monitor machine performance achieve direct costs savings, improved operational and production efficiencies, and contribute towards achieving carbon net-zero status.

Having insightful data readily available for real-time monitoring and analysis, provides you with the tool to make an informed, human decision.

Our remote energy usage monitors utilise the internet of things (IOT) allowing us to provide detailed reporting for:

  • Business carbon footprint
  • Business energy usage
  • Power monitoring

See real time live data energy monitoring sensors set up in CaptionData's offices.

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The solution connects multiple wireless sensors to a single base station allowing measurement of temperature, humidity, CO2, WME and more. The analogue input wireless sensor option allows not only connectivity to our sensors but, opens up the ability to connect with 1000s of available ‘off the shelf’ sensors, which creates infinite options for accessing the Internet of Things with your sensor network.


Nano ULTRA-III Range

Managing a network of field assets has never been easier with the NanoULTRA – III cellular gateway range. The range provides onboard I/O's, modular I/O expansion, and powerful, user-friendly Modbus communications. The high-resolution data transfer happens seamlessly and securely from multiple assets to our secure cloud platform, the CDLSmartHub™, where the raw data can be turned into actionable insights.

CDL SmartHub

CDL SmartHub

Data is not information and information is not knowledge. Getting data to the cloud safely, with integrity checks, getting configuration instructions back to the sensors (e.g. sampling and reporting frequencies) is just the start. Turning that data into useful information for you is the next step – Insights like dynamic charting, customisable hierarchies, user defined alarm functions, geo-mapping, intuitive work methods.

Compatible Power Meters

Any meter with Serial, Modbus, I2C connectivity - including the following:

  • Socomec E53
  • Socomec A20
  • Socomec A40

  • Carlo Gavazzi WM30
  • Carlo Gavazzi WM40

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