Environmental monitoring at notoriously haunted castle in Cornwall

Environmental monitoring at notoriously haunted castle in Cornwall

Caption Data were recently commissioned to install an environmental monitoring system at a notoriously haunted castle in Cornwall.

Pengersick Castle is undergoing a significant renovation program to return the Grade One listed building back to its former, impressive state.

Environmental monitoring at notoriously haunted castle in Cornwall

During the renovation, SMT Associates are undertaking a full study of how the Castle is affected by the fierce Atlantic coastline weather. An essential part of this study will be the on-going data collected by the HygroNet remote monitoring system incorporating 10 wireless sensors distributed around the building.

The only power needed for the HygroNet is a 13Amp socket for the base station – all sensors are completely wireless and battery powered. This has a significant benefit for the property as running cables around a Grade One listed building with 10 foot thick walls has its challenges!

The HygroNet base station automatically uploads data over the mobile phone network to the CDLSmartCloud.

The HygroNet also has another challenge ahead of the monitoring phase – Ghosts!

Pengersick Castle is claimed to be one of the most haunted places in Cornwall – if not England. An alarm system was recently installed and frequent alarms were triggered on the wireless sensors and in particular in one location now being monitored by the HygroNet!

On a more scientific note, there are serious concerns about the levels of moisture in some of the walls and the oak beams that data back to as long ago as 500AD.

The HygroNet system has a range of wireless sensor types, one of which is ideally suited in this application – a wireless sensor with in depth temperature and RH that can be taken with a ‘slim sensor’ of only 5mm diameter on a flying lead. Like all other HygroNet sensors this has an on-board ambient temperature and RH (ERH) sensor. A fifth measurement point is WME, Wood Moisture Equivalent, with either PIN sensors or CDL’s HygroBug sensor plugging in via a 3.5mm jack point.

All of these measurements can be taken with the minimal of impact on the structure.

To find out more about how the HygroNet system can provide powerful background data for your historic building contact us online, call us +44 1905 754078 or email info@captiondata.com.

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