Environmental Monitoring & Control at ‘Londons Most Expensive House’ Featured by the BBC

A restoration project at 100 Park Lane, known as “Londons most expensive house”, is due to run for a year while craftsman from around the globe decorate and finish the 17 bedrooms, 50 foot ballroom, 80 foot picture gallery, and 14 reception rooms in the mansion to its new owners’ tastes. Caption Data have supplied 38 RDL//nano’s which, working with The Ideal Group equipment, will be maintaining the appropriate environmental conditions 24 hours a day, while the work progresses. Any ambient temperature, ambient humidity, power or fluid level problems are instantly alarmed via email or SMS to site managers via the Caption Data web bureau. Managers can monitor all units from the bureau on a 24/7 basis.

Transmitting data and alarms via the latest on board quad modem, the RDL//nano user can define sampling and reporting rates as they wish. Battery life will typically be 2 years plus, even at rapid sampling frequencies.

Listen to Dan Mackdermott, Director of Caption Data Ltd talking to the BBC about this project.

The RDL//nano A version with up to 8 analogue inputs of most formats [0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-1Vdc and 0-10Vdc] can be used in a host of industries. Similarly the RDL//nano “m” [ModBus] logger is finding favour in a wide variety of industries from pumping stations to truck monitoring.

Whether it is the battery powered analogue logger, or the mains powered Modbus logger or as with the 100 Park Lane project a more specific system, they all share unique features that take remote data logging to a new level of intelligence and usefulness.

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