European Manufacturers & Build Awards for CDL’s IOT products

CDL recently received two more awards for our Building Information Monitoring Products:

European Manufacturers 2017

European Manufacturers 2017 Certificate
European Manufacturers 2017 Certificate

2016 Build Awards for CDL’s IOT

Build Magazine
Build Magazine

For monitoring and controlling the Built Environment the CDL product range includes:

3D Graphical Interfaces

3D Graphical Interface
3D Graphical Interface
IIPSI 3D Model
IIPSI 3D Model

RDL//1000 System [now with Hygrostick compatability]

  • Monitor up to 256 sensors per base station within a radius of 500m
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Hygrostick
  • WME Wood Moisture Equivalent [Resistance]
  • CO2
  • Power

NanoULTRA RTU to monitor machinery & systems, BIM systems, Control Panels, etc

  • Instrument quality Analogue signals
  • Optically Isolated Digital input/ouput signals
  • Serial [RS232/485, SCI, Modbus, etc]
  • CANbus
  • GPS
  • On Board SD card for high granularity data
  • Ultra low power for battery operation
  • IP68 enclosure also available

RDL//Vibe to Monitor Buildings & Structures for Shocks & Vibration

Vibration Monitoring
Vibration Monitoring
  • Battery or mains
  • 2 tria-axial geophones
  • Event threshold monitoring locally @ 100 or 500 Hz
  • On Line data for each event, plus PPV etc
  • Any Device, Any browser, no software to buy or load

Coming Soon…. for more Building Monitoring Options

NanoATOM – low cost GSM mass monitoring [Temp & RH] with 3D building visualisation via SmartHub

NanoSX – Low cost permanent monitoring [Temp, RH, Wood Moisture, Dew Point] using Sigfox. 5 year battery life

NanoTILT – Low cost permanent monitoring of structures

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