Webinar: IoT Data-Driven Insights To Uplift Tenant Wellbeing Across Your Property Inventory!

Remote monitoring solutions connect your key people with your property inventory, assets, and other ‘things’ through the internet, to provide real-time data, allowing operational insights on events as they happen, trends over time, and KPIs through dashboards. During this webinar, we will dive into the technology and the insights that allow social housing organisations to make better use of resources, make cost savings, monitor environmental conditions that could lead to mold infestations, and ultimately uplift tenant wellbeing.

Catch up with CDL with guest speakers as we look into some of the key challenges faced within the social housing sector across property inventories, and how the use of IoT smart digital solutions could provide insights to make informed decisions that can;

  • Identify damp and mould causing conditions within a property
  • Identify tenants at risk of fuel poverty
  • Uplift tenant wellbeing and assist vulnerable risk groups
  • Alleviate pressures on already strained internal resources
  • During the webinar, we take a look into the power in the data and how data-driven insights build up a pattern of evidence over time.


  • Caption Data - Paul Sanders
  • HACT - Michael McLaughlin
  • Davis French & Associates - Greg French
  • Hosted by - James Collins, Caption Data