Five ways to WOW your client’s expectations

Five ways to WOW your client's expectations

If you have a service offering where you are contractually obliged to respond to field based events in a set amount of time then web enabling your assets should be an integral part of your operation. This is a ‘sweet spot’ where automation of data flowing from field based locations to the can save time, money and add value to your proposition.

The CDLSmartHub is the heart of your system and allows users to receive data, interpret data, manage data, control systems, share information and add value.

  • Receive instant alerts via email or SMS when assets or environments fall outside of required levels. You can send these alerts to specific personnel who can react accordingly. Why wait for the client to inform you of an issue with the equipment or environment!!!
  • Provide your client with visibility their own equipments performance levels, on-line & real time.
  • Remote assets automatically send data, there is no need for any manual or administrative effort other than to react to events. All systems have a full ‘heartbeat’ self integrity check.
  • Produce automated good looking reports for your client, service team or accounts department taking the manual effort out of the mundane tasks
  • Provide your clients with a real ‘wow factor’ to your service offering

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