From your “thing” to the CDLSmartHub

Just some of the Things we connect to the CDL SmartHub

Just some of the Things we connect to the CDLSmartHub

Whatever your “thing” we can probably web enable it!

Over the last 2 years we’ve seen a massive rise in the Internet of Things (IoT), a development of the internet connecting everyday objects to the internet, allowing them to send and receive data.

The CDLSmartHub allows you to connect your “things” monitoring data from them in real time, locally on your product or asset, and bringing the critical information from your product to our web based Software-As-A-Service platform, where you can be informed, take control, manage and configure your “things”.

Key features

  • see your assets location on Google maps,
  • monitor status with traffic light map markers,
  • manage performance across a portfolio of devices,
  • set and see KPI,
  • see visualisations, dashboards
  • deal with alarms

  • monitor audit trails
  • manage configure and control devices,
  • plan the use of your sales, service, maintenance resources,
  • supply management reports to your clients,
  • sell consummables,

We specialise in Remote Monitoring and M2M business solutions for industry and a range of industry sectors (see more on that under solutions and industries from our main menu). You could say we sit firmly in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), more so than IoT.

Whatever your Communication Protocols and options….

Just some of the ways we can connect to your assets and devices

Just some of the ways we can connect to your assets and devices

… we can likely work with them! We have a range of hardware built up over years of working with serious clients with challenging applications, and that gives us lots of options. So it might be something like one of these…

  • Mobile temporary climate control equipment communicating with modbus, needing local real time monitoring and 30 minute reporting to the CDLSMartHub with dashboards and geo positioning information in event of power failure, or
  • Water quality instrumentation that is battery powered so ultra low power consumption is required, whilst taking analogue data with 16 bit resolution and using the CDLSmartHub to configure gain ranges, and alarm settings, or
  • Rental fleet of Chillers needing simple configuration systems and real time monitoring while on hire/off hire, all visible from the CDLSmartHub, or
  • Energy monitoring equipment with modbus, monitoring locally real time and reporting daily unless preset conditions are breached in which event the unit immediately alerts nominated individuals by email or sms, with full data visible via teh SmartHub

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