Give a Gift This Christmas to Support Homelessness in Worcestershire.

CDL Fundraiser Worcestershire homeless appeal

Many of us look forward to the festive period with family and friends, without the need to worry about where the next meal is coming from or a warm bed for the night in a safe environment.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. The estimated number of homeless adults and children in the UK is around 274,405. Many more are now also at risk of living in extreme poverty with the cost of living crisis set to worsen this winter.

Local charity, The Worcestershire Homeless Appeal, raises funds and promotes initiatives to help those who need it most, especially at Christmas. CDL’s IoT Solutions Specialist, Hanna, has supported the charity over the previous 6 years by providing gift boxes for children and adults in the local area, the charity is now under increased pressure due to the cost of living crisis pushing more people into poverty.

This year the team at Caption Data wanted to step up and get involved to give back to the local community. The CDL team is supplying Christmas gift boxes to children in poverty and homeless adults to support the Worcestershire Homeless Appeal.

We are asking for the support of our suppliers, customers, friends, and families for any donation or contribution, no matter how small, to this very worthy cause. The funds will go to the cost of additional boxes, providing a family shelter for Christmas, or feeding a homeless person a hot meal.

Funds will be released directly to the Worcestershire Homeless Appeal

Worcestershire Homeless Appeal

A simple box with essentials and a small gift can make a huge difference to someone this Christmas.

The boxes will contain the following:

Child: £25 per box

Toy, game, colouring, sweets, hat and gloves, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Adult: £30 per box

Shower gel, deodorant, wipes, sanitary goods, toothbrush cover, toothbrush and toothpaste. Hat and gloves, underwear, rucksack or bag.
Food: Cuppa soups, pot noodles, jerky, hot chocolate, biscuits, sweets, and dried fruit.



Funds could also go towards;

  • Gift Boxes
  • Providing a family shelter over Christmas
  • Meals food van or stocking up the food pantry

Thank you from the team at Caption Data

CDL Fundraiser Worcestershire homeless appeal
CDL Fundraiser Worcestershire Homeless Appeal




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