Goodnight Mister Tom [or support arrangements @ CDL]

In January we parted company with Tom Paine, who had been with CDL for 7 years. He joined us as a new graduate in 2010 and was known to many customers because he provided first line support. Tom’s journey with the business followed various product introductions and replacements, and to say we were sad to see him move on would be an understatement. We wish him every success with his new company, and with the bands he plays in, and the theatre productions he is involved in.

When Tom joined us he was payroll # 4, whereas now there are over a dozen staff employed at our Worcester offices, and in fact we have just expanded into the adjacent unit and now occupy units 7 AND 8 Brindley Court. Our turnover has expanded approx 10 fold in the years Tom was with us.

1st line support is now provided by Bryn Stallard-Pearson who is a Software Engineer and has been with CDL for 18 months, working alongside Tom for much of that time.Hopefully we’ll grow as much again with Bryn in the hot chair!


To cope with the significantly larger number of installed IoT or Remote monitoring devices we are now using a support management tool called “Request Tracker” or “RT”. This enables us to manage support issues, by customer, by product, allocate resources, escalate as appropriate, record solutions, share information, automate some aspects etc., to better manage this function. The aim of course is to give you our customers faster and better resolution of any issues you encounter.

Emails addressed to will automatically enter this system. Phone calls will be logged in as they happen. You will receive a number of communications from the system … for example at the creation of a support query









... and on conclusion an email like this:












We do want to hear from you about how we are doing so please take advantage of the feedback option at the bottom of the emails.



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