Heat Treatment Monitoring System guarantees bugs are killed!

Heat Treatment Monitoring System guarantees bugs are killed

Caption Data’s track record and product range in providing remote monitoring systems for Pest Control organisations continues to grow.

Bed Bug

As heat treatment becomes the solution of choice for dealing with pests like bed bugs and cockroaches, as well as for IPSM15 type treatments, the knowledge that the kill temperatures have been achieved and held, and permeated to the most difficult locations, becomes crucial. Equally crucial in some instances such as aircraft is making sure that maximum permitted temperatures have NOT been breached either!

Having calibrated quality data with tamper proof audit trail and data security matter too.

The concept of wireless sensors reporting to a base station and then providing a real time local feed AND a data feed via mobile phone networks to the CDL web bureau allowing remote users to view trends via any internet device, are well established. We recently added a long range system called the RDL//1000 with 1000m system range to the existing Hygronet.

Heat Treatment Monitoring System guarantees bugs are killed

Our systems have been used by major pest control companies working on Aircraft, Hotels, Food Factories, Hospitals and other industries. The benefits of the CDL temperature remote monitoring systems are clear:

  • Battery or mains powered units
  • Local live feed for laptop connection in parallel with live feed to secure web portal
  • Wireless sensors [up to 256 per system]
  • Each sensor can have up to 4 temperature probes on up to 20m leads for room wide control, as well as ambient T & RH
  • Local pc link from base station
  • Autonomous integrated modem with fully roaming SIM in base station
  • Get the whole picture with multiple sensor data graphed concurrently
  • No software required (web access)
  • Manage, configure system, set alarms, etc from any internet enabled device


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