Here it is… the NanoULTRA OEM Remote Telemetry Unit

The NanoULTRA OEM remote telemetry unit started life on the drawing board for one of our long standing customers – ATi, specialists in measuring water quality. Now it’s generating lots of interest with other OEM’s across a wide range of industries! CDL work extensively with OEM’s providing an end to end, seamless, hassle free solution to M2M and IoT needs. We are one of very few companies worldwide who offer the full end to end solution.

To download the NanoULTRA OEM remote telemetry unit data sheet go here

So why the interest in the NanoULTRA Remote Telemetry Unit? Well the unique combination of OEM options added to the huge range of features on the “standard” product make for a truly powerful remote telemetry unit [RTU] that is also a GPS data logger and that enables a new level of  M2M technology.

OEM Remote Telemetry Unit features

These can include any of:

  • GPS – super important for OEM’s involved in products that move!
  • CANbus – a popular OEM protocol especially for anything with Automotvie connections
  • Expansion to 8 “instrument grade” analogue inputs … up from 4 on the standard
  • IPR rating enclosures for robust applications
  • Richer experience on CDL SmartHub with multi level, multi language user admin, dashboards, visualisation, API, etc
  • Branding of the Smarthub with your logo etc for your end customers
  • Tutorials, youtube videos, support materials for the best user experience

Some of the OEM applications for the Nano & NanoULTRA remote telemetry units include


RTU for Water Quality Instrumentation

Remote Telemetry Unit for OEM applications
ATi’s Nephnet, fitted with NanoULTRA remote telemetry unit











Key Points:

  • Low Power/Long Life on Battery
  • Small footprint
  • Robust & IPR 68
  • Hi Quality Analogue inputs
  • Firmware Over The Air FOTA
  • GSM from under manhole covers
  • Customised & branded dashboards

RTU for Corrosion Monitoring Systems

NanoULTRA RTU connect seamlessly to the CDL SmartHub
SmartHub dashboard

Key Points for their RTU

  • Wide variety of Sensor inputs, analogue & digital
  • 8 high quality Analogue inputs
  • Graphical trending and Hi/lo alerts on multi parameters
  • Links to Building Management systems
  • Robust GSM communications
  • Dashboard with status colour pin markers on maps for FM companies

Read what the Institute of Asset Management say about this application… here


RTU for Emergency Power UPS & Generators

Remote Telemetry units provide OEM data
Servicing a portfolio of installations







Key Points

  • Real time local monitoring
  • Modbus protocol
  • Machine visualisations on line
  • Alarm settings & Audit trail
  • Self diagnostic alerts
  • Geographical position & dashboards
  • Reliable GSM comms
  • Branded SmartHub





RTU for Voltage Optimisers & Power Monitoring

remote telemetry units for OEM
NanoULTRA data dashboard








Key Points

  • Connectivity to standard power meters, Socomec, Carlo Gavazzie etc
  • Small footprint
  • Modbus
  • Robust comms
  • Realtime monitoring on board
  • Audits and alerts
  • Dashboards and visualisations
  • Server algorithms
  • Branded SmartHub for end users

Standard Product Features of the NanoULTRA remote telemetry units

  • Ultra-low power consumption for ultra long life on
  • Massive range of I/Os including
    • 4 x 16 bit Analogue
    • 4 x digital in
    • 4 x digital out
    • serial, I2C and SPI
  • Analogue gain range configurable over the air
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA)
  • Integrated SD card storage
  • 9-30v or 3.6v Battery or Mains powered
  • Optional on board back up battery with power failure
    alert on line
  • Compact and Robust
  • CDLSmartHub™ offering multi language, auto time
    zone, instant visibility on line, dashboards etc

To download the NanoULTRA OEM remote telemetry unit data sheet go here

To contact CDL for a discussion about the NanoULTRA RTU go here


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