The Holy Grail? Improved Customer Satisfaction and Better Profit Margins!

In today’s competitive business landscape margins are continually being squeezed and customers are continually looking for better service.

Not a great combination you would think for adding revenue and profitability to your organisation.

Well, these ingredients make a perfect platform to integrate an M2M remote monitoring solution into your proposition – Why?

1  Generate service revenue for your company by offering service contracts for your machinery in conjunction with remote monitoring

2  Give your customers peace of mind with SLA’s whilst providing your organisation with ongoing, known revenue streams

3  Create ongoing, more frequent touchpoints with your customers. More customer touch points equal more opportunity to upsell

4  Increase customer satisfaction and retain customers through higher levels of service

5  Give your sales force perfect tools to enable the renewal of contracts based on automated performance reports

How Can Caption Data Help?

Caption Data have over 6 years of experience in designing and implementing m2m remote monitoring systems. Not only can we work with you to tailor a perfect fit of hardware/web solutions, but we can also work with you on how to put together a compelling commercial strategy that will work for you and your customers.

We have experience in over 12 countries implementing a wide spectrum of solutions, in a wide variety of languages with in excess of over 10,000 measurement points.

Please call us on +44 (0)1905 754078 for more information

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