How does a discovery from 1927 help moisture sensing in 2013?

Water Damaged Property

In 1927 A J Stamm published a paper called “The Electrical Resistance of Wood as a measure of its moisture content” which detailed the correlation between electrical resistance and the moisture content of wood.

Travel forward in time to the present day and Caption Data are using this same phenomena, married to their cutting edge remote monitoring systems to bring to the market the HygroBug™.

Particularly useful for moisture sensing in heavily saturated building materials (where conventional sensors can sometimes struggle), and also in rapid drying regimes using heat (where conventional sensors sometimes don’t respond quickly enough) to give vital information to the drying technician.

The HygroBug™, uses hardwood dowels pre-assessed in our environment chamber, with instrument quality Gold plated electrical connectors embedded in such a way to assure along-the-grain resistance measurement. A self sealing bung to seal it within a cavity in the building material concerned allows multiple HygroBug’s™ to be inserted at different depths in different holes within the material.

The HygroBug™ provides an output via a 3.5mm jack plug for use with any Hygrometer having a WME or resistance input.

They are specifically designed for use with Hygronet™ remote monitoring systems which will allow on-line and real time monitoring and alerts from the CDLSmartHub.

HygroBugs have been on test with a number of Damage Restoration companies over the last 12 months and the HygroBug™ will be publicly launched and available to participants at the BDMA conference later this month, with a limited number available as free samples on a first come first served basis.

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