How IoT Can Help Reduce Mould Related Legal Fees and Increase Tenant Wellbeing

Mould in housing association property

Key reasons how IoT can help reduce mould related legal fees and increase tenant wellbeing;

  • Challenge #1 – Being able to deploy skilled surveyors to dwellings when mould claims need to be investigated
    • Smart, easily deployable (minimal training needed) helps aggregate key data to a central location where smart insights and actions can be delivered
    • As a result of the ease of installation, lower-skilled/cost resources can be leveraged to deploy at higher volumes
    • This enables the valuable, higher cost manual visits to be performed on a select number of properties
  • Challenge #2 -Being able to attend to increased levels of mould related legal claims
    • The chances of successfully defending a legal claim are always going to be positively assisted with more evidence
    • Evidence provided by a third party independent system with data that cannot be tampered with is a powerful addition to a legal defense case
    • Resources and available skills may not be available to build evidence to successfully defend a claim
  • Challenge #3 – A single, in-person visit will not harvest ongoing, continuous insights into tenant lifestyle and building performance
    • Social Housing Monitoring IoT solutions provide a continuous flow of key measurement data helping to build up patterns of dwelling performance and tenant behaviors
  • Challenge #4 – Having access to available resources to build evidence to defend a claim
    • Insights and available resources are available via the CDL SmartHub platform, as long as the sensors have been installed for a period of time, insights can be accessed that can help build a case in a few clicks
  • Challenge #5 – Having an available resource available to help educate tenants with regards to lifestyle choices, increasing their well being
    • The data provided by the IoT solution can assist with educating tenants on a basis of evidence
    • Insights provided can assist with making this process part of an admin function and will not always need a surveyor to perform this engagement
  • Challenge #6 – Wellbeing of tenants in terms of fuel poverty
    • Mould related issues can be contributed to by not being able to afford heating, evidence and insights provided by the IoT solution can identify where heating (or lack of it) is the issue
      • Processes can then be actioned to assist tenants in this scenario
      • The main point here is that this is a separate issue and should not be justification to make a legal claim, there are other factors at play here
  • Challenge #7 – Having to cash settle as you cannot provide evidence/ do not have the resource to defend a claim
    • The CDL solution can help build evidence and insights to defend a case
    • The CDL solution enables you to provide evidence to ‘eliminate’ the non-genuine claims, claims that you may have simply cash-settled
  • Challenge #8 – The trend of inbound claims is rising rapidly and dealing with historic levels of claims is a challenge in its own right
    • The CDL solution is a scaleable, clean-edged solution that can assist increasing levels of claims
    • Impact on resource demands to run with the CDL solution is minimal
    • CDL have automated insights and experts in this field to help address increases in claim related demands

So who are CDL?

We have been producing smart, end-to-end IoT solutions for over 13 Years. We have a strong heritage in the water damage industry which shares many of the same dynamics as the social housing sector. We have deployed over 4000 systems over 11 Countries, these harvest tens of millions of data points every day helping our clients gain valuable insights from their asset data.


What are the potential legal costs savings that could be made by installing a CLD Remote Monitoring Solution for damp and mould in social housing?

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