How IoT Can Help Social Housing Organisations Work Smarter

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How IoT Can Help Social Housing Organisations Work Smarter

In our increasingly connected world, data is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. Social Housing organisations are in a unique position to take advantage of the latest innovations in data-driven technology, and Caption Data can help them do just that. Our innovative IoT platform helps Social Housing organisations work smarter by giving them real-time access to actionable data. This allows them to make better decisions about how they allocate resources and manage their properties. In this blog post, we will explore how Caption Data can help Social Housing organisations work smarter and more efficiently.

Following on from the report by the Housing Ombudsman from October 2021, things need to improve to ensure tenants are treated fairly, in quality properties that are maintained and looked after. This is where Caption Data can assist with our IoT platform, as it can provide Social Housing organisations with the ability to monitor properties remotely and catch issues early before they become bigger problems.

Currently damp and mould are usually reported by tenants and a surveyor will assess the situation before any type of remedial works are carried out by staff or contractors at a later stage. Covid-19 had a huge impact on the ability to carry out required works which has resulted in the increasing rise of damp and mould complaints in a number of properties all over the UK. Not only has this had an impact on housing stock, but it has also had a profound impact on tenants. The former Housing Secretary Michael Gove recently wrote to one of the largest Housing Associations in April stating “No-one should have to live in a home with these conditions – and it should not take years to put them right”

It is understandable that repairs and maintenance to properties can take time, especially with the current climate where there can be delays for required parts and materials pushing back expected repairs weeks, sometimes months.

How can Caption Data help?

With over 13 years of experience in data solutions, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of the technology and how it can assist Social Housing organisations. Our system can be used to monitor Humidity, Temperature, and Dew points to proactively identify the potential for dampness and mould early on, potentially preventing the need for remedial work to be carried out.

Alerts can then be sent to both the tenant on the property and to the relevant contacts at the Social Housing Organisation. Acting upon this information is critical in managing your stock. It reduces the time required to send out surveyors, allows you to allocate resources in a timely manner and improves both the maintenance of your housing stock, more importantly, improves tenant welfare.

Designed for the future

A number of solutions in the marketplace use the 2G network for their systems which is due to close at the very latest 2033 meaning all their existing systems will have to be upgraded at an additional cost. Our solution works on the 3G/4G network ensuring our systems will be running faster, smoother, and for a longer time span. Our system can also have a whole array of sensors added to further enhance the data extracted from each property.

Sensors to monitor energy consumption for example can be used to give Social Housing organisations the ability to understand which properties are using more energy than others. This information can then be used for several different things from targeting insulation works, evaluating if a boiler requires upgrading, are vulnerable tenants able to heat their property, etc. Air quality can be monitored, particularly useful in properties that are in heavily polluted areas and require monitoring to ensure tenants are in well-ventilated properties. Occupancy sensors can determine if there are too many people in a particular property, reducing overcrowding and helping identify vulnerable tenants who may be isolated.


Technology is the future

The Social Housing sector is changing, with the Government now legally obligating Social Housing organisations to decarbonise their properties by 2030. This is a huge undertaking and will require Social Housing organisations to work smarter in order to achieve this target. Caption Data can provide Social Housing organisations with the ability to remotely monitor and manage their property portfolio ensuring they are on track to meet their decarbonisation targets.

IoT is not a ‘nice to have’, it is fast becoming a necessity for Social Housing organisations in order to future-proof their business and protect their tenants.

If you would like to find out more about how Caption Data can help your Social Housing organisation future-proof its business, please get in touch.

Caption Data – Helping Social Housing Organisations Smarter


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