How to fit a HygroBug

The award winning HygroBug sensor from Caption Data is growing in popularity and to help users fit the sensor correctly a YouTube video now exists to talk customers through the correct fitting sequence to use a HygroBug in conjunction with a standard HygroNet wireless sensor.

When would you use a HygroBug?

In very wet/saturated building conditions, when the sensor is likely to be in-situ for an extended time period.

Why would you use a HygroBug?

These conditions can be difficult for capacitative sensors because prolonged exposure to very humid building material conditions may cause these sensors to become saturated, and the drying out time for the sensors may be slower than for the building material itself. This becomes particularly true if using rapid drying techniques.

The responsiveness and sensitivity of changing electrical resistance in wood makes the HygroBug superbly useful in these situations as it responds very quickly to the subtlest changes in drying process. When viewed via the on-line & real time Caption Data web portal this gives really valuable information to the person managing the drying process.

The HygroBug works by measuring the electrical resistance along the length of batch controlled wooden dowels. Their consistency and repeatability has been studied extensively with the help of Warwick University, and the product was awarded the “innovation of the year” award by the BDMA in November 2013.

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