HygroNet “MOT” pays dividends for Polygon

Polygon have been users of HygroNet remote monitoring equipment from CDL for many years, and have many hundreds of systems around the world, and some of those systems have been in use, week in and week out, for many years.

In order to ensure the best utilisation and return on investment, Caption Data have embarked on an “MOT” programme to ensure Polygon UK’s assets are, and remain, in good working order.

Starting with the Southwest region in the UK, HygroNet equipment has been returned to CDL for audit, repair/refurbishnet, firmware upgrade, factory test and re-issuing.

4 year old HygroNets still going strong!

Hygronet remote monitoring system
A 4 year old Hygronet base station

Despite the rough tough conditions this equipment has been used in for many years, it was in remarkably good order.This particular unit had been in service for 4 years!







Out of the first consignment of kits returned from the South West, each of which consisted of a base station plus 5 wireless sensors, there were only 3 damaged sensors, 1 broken switch,  1 damaged antenna, and a few failed SIM cards.



All the kits were repaired, tested, re-certified, cleaned up and re-issued to the client. All within a few days.

Hygronet system after MOT by Caption Data
Hygronet system after MOT by Caption Data

The next batch of  units from another region will be at CDL for their MOT in the next days!

Although we are not selling HygroNet systems anymore [replaced by the superior RDL//1000 range] we can predict these refurbished units will give many more years service! And CDL will be happy to continue periodic MOT’s of them.

As part of the package of support to clients, when these units are returned to Polygons’ field technicians we will also be doing some field based coaching to ensure all staff [some of who weren’t around when the units were first deployed] are fully trained and able to use them to their best advantage.

Neil Clarke, Polygon Regional Director said “Its not enough to have the best kit available for our guys, it also has to be kept in top condition and they have to be sure how to use the latest developments from suppliers. We like to engage with suppliers as part of our team, and Caption Data meet this need as a great supplier”