IoT and Remote Monitoring Systems

Nano ULTRA-Edge

End-to-End IIoT Solutions

The NanoUltra IIoT range delivers the hardware element of the CDL end-to-end solutions. As a result of in-house development, the IIoT products seamlessly transmit data to the cloud. So, straight to our software. Therefore creating our hardware to software, as a service solution. Most importantly, from the minute you turn your unit on you can view data. Via our cloud-based platform, the CDLSmarthub. Allowing you to make strategic decisions, from a position of knowledge.

Simple Setup and Easy-to-Use

The NanoULTRA IIoT range has been carefully designed to be scalable. Furthermore its been developed to be easily integrated. Firstly, without the need to upskill your workforce. Secondly, with options to talk to legacy equipment. Finally, immediately getting you data once the IIoT products are switched on. Allowing you to gain the benefits of gathering data, at the touch of a button. Subsequently making a technical solution effortless to deploy

Versatility and Development

The NanoULTRA IIoT product range has a huge scope of use. Our IIoT product range can satisfy a vast number of applications and industries. Certainly, delivering on a diverse number of customer requirements. We pride ourselves in our ongoing IIoT product investment. Firstly, in our standard IIoT product range. Secondly, in our ability to custom build. Most importantly, allowing our IIoT range to stay current and agile to market needs.

Our IIoT products - The NanoULTRA range

What is the NanoULTRA IIoT product range?

CDL is the home of the NanoUltra IIoT product range. In short, the NanoULTRA range is the hardware element of our end-to-end Industrial IoT solution. Importantly, with over ten years market experience we have spent this time listening to our customers. Consequently, continuously developing our IIoT product offerings to meet their needs.

What has inspired the NanoULTRA IIoT product range?

So, the inspiration for our IIoT product range development was driven by two things. Firstly, wanting to give customers remote access to their data. Secondly, to stop the need to plug directly into a data logger to get that insight. That is what our end-to-end IIoT solution now offers our customers.

What does NanoULTRA IIoT product range give you?

Above all, giving you the power of remote monitoring, whatever your requirements, is what will continue to drive us to improve our products. Our customers receive a wide range of business benefits from our IIoT Products. Such as, workforce efficiencies, cost cutting and quick ROI. In addition, the use of the data can unlock further benefits. Certainly delivering the insight gathered from the data is crucial. Importantly, opening the possibility of predictive and preventative benefits.

What does the NanoULTRA IIoT product range deliver?

The IIoT products within our range all have their own unique attributes. Allowing us to deliver an IIoT solution within several areas of an organisation. However, what they all do is log data and transfer it securely to our secure cloud platform. The CDLSmartHub, is where the raw data can be turned into actionable insights.

Our NanoULTRA range of remote data monitoring products


NanoULTRA Edge

Universal Asset to Cloud Solution


NanoULTRA Matrix+

NanoULTRA Matrix+

Wireless Multi-Sensor Cloud Solution



NanoULTRA Vibe

Structural Vibration Cloud Solution


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